Marley Hall

Marley Hall aka Midwife Marley is one of the UK’s leading midwives with over ten years’ experience in the NHS and private sector. She is dedicated to educating women nationwide about pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond, so they can work towards a positive birthing experience.

With a loyal social media following of almost 100,000 people, Marley uses her platform to share her illustrations which depict birthing situations, and she strives to ensure that prenatal education is inclusive for all. After studying Digital Broadcast Media at Thames Valley University, Marley swapped career path to pursue her underlying passion in midwifery, where she qualified from the same institution in 2009. Subsequent to attaining her qualification, Marley gained extensive experience in the field, notably in antenatal care as a community midwife, to birth care in birthing suites on both the ward and the wider community.

As a result, Marley has worked with a wide array of women from varying backgrounds and ethnicities, with different levels of understanding on the processes behind giving birth. To further her already expert knowledge of the field, in 2011 Marley qualified as a Hypnobirthing instructor.