Jimmy Doherty

TV Personality and one of the UK’s best known farmers

His journey started over 12 years ago when he took on a leasehold of a 100-acre farm just outside Ipswich which was followed in a BBC series called ‘Jimmy’s Farm’. Jimmy hasn’t looked back since and Jimmy’s Farm now has an award-winning restaurant, a nature trail, butterfly and reptile houses and holds numerous science and food festivals throughout the year.

Jimmy currently co-hosts the Channel 4 series ‘Food Unwrapped’ which sees him travel all around the world looking at the science of food production. He also presents ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’ which is now in its seventh series on Channel 4. Other TV credits include ‘Escape to the Wild’, ‘Jimmy’s Australian Adventure’ , ‘The World’s Best Diet’, ‘Food Prices: The Shocking Truth’ all on Channel 4, two series of the hit show ‘Jimmy’s Food Factory’ and ’Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters’ both for BBC1, ‘Jimmy’s Global Harvest’ for BBC2 and ‘Crop to Shop – Jimmy’s Supermarket Secrets’ for BBC1.

Jimmy has always been passionate about nature and farming. By the time he was 16, he was the youngest ever Assistant Entomologist at the Mole Hall Wildlife Park in Walden. After gaining a degree in Zoology, Jimmy worked at the Entomology Department at London’s Natural History Museum before moving on to Coventry University where he researched for a Doctorate in Entomology, set up an insect laboratory and taught Animal Ecology and Animal Philosophy to undergraduate students.

Jimmy has written three books and has an award-winning range of turkey’s sold under his Jimmy’s Farmers Range brand.