Grace Victory

Grace Victory is an award winning British digital-creator, author, body positive activist, television presenter and TedX speaker.

Grace first established her YouTube channel aged 21 in 2011, focusing mainly on make-up and fashion. Over time, her passion for female advocacy and unflinching honesty meant her channel diversified to form what it is today. Embracing all topics young people and women face, from mental health, therapy, sex, trauma, relationship dynamics, diet culture, self-awareness, and spirituality; Grace’s content facilitates viewers to face taboos head on, think critically and prioritise self-development. She does this whilst creating a space for them to do so.

Grace has since presented BBC Three’s ‘Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets’ series (2016), partnered with American giant Nike to front their first plus size apparel campaign (2017), won InStyle Magazine’s ‘Most Inspiring Role Model’ award and published her second book How to Calm It (January 2021) with Stormzy’s Penguin Random House imprint, Merky Books with a foreword on Black Lives Matter.

Across all platforms, Grace has a global reach of 500,000+.