Dr Rupy Aujla

Dr Rupy Aujla is a London-based doctor, specialising in General Practice and Emergency Medicine, who is dedicated to educating people about the transformational power of food. He is the host of The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast, a regular face on prime-time television and a Sunday Times best-selling author, who has recently launched his third book ‘Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1’. Dr Rupy embarked on his own personal journey with holistic, nutritional approaches to medicine after suffering with a heart condition in 2009. Passionate about sharing his newfound knowledge, Dr Rupy conducted in-depth research and honed his skills for four years before beginning his social media journey. In October 2015, The Doctor’s Kitchen was born and today he has a loyal and engaged following of over 222,000 on Instagram, 32,000 subscribers on YouTube and a combined fan base of nearly 50,000 followers across Facebook and Twitter.