Dr Dawn Harper

Doctor and TV Personality

Dr. Dawn works as both an NHS doctor in Gloucestershire and a private doctor on Harley Street. She has been working as a media doctor for over twelve years and her ability to simplify complex medical issues has made her an extremely sought-after medical commentator and expert.

Dawn is best known as one of the presenters on Channel 4’s hit series ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic’. ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ ran for seven hugely successful series and spin offs included ‘Embarrassing Fat Bodies’ and ‘Embarrassing Teen Bodies’. Her last series called ‘Born Naughty?’ was shown on Channel 4 and saw Dawn help children with serious behavioural problems. Dawn is also a regular contributor to BBC1’s ‘Inside Out’ where she has covered a diverse range of subjects from challenges facing the medical profession to IVF.

Dawn has authored 12 books, is a keen supporter of children’s and health charities and is regularly asked to comment on medical headlines on live television and radio. She is also interested in the world of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals and has played a key role in championing the cause for industry regulation.

When not at work, Dawn lives with her partner Jack in the Cotswolds with their two Jack Russell terriers. She is an avid cyclist having cycled thousands of miles over the years for various charities and loves live music and fashion.